BusinessNZ releases its manifesto for the 2014 election

Business Manifesto 2014 makes recommendations to all political parties on policies needed for growing enterprise.

“Policies decided on at election time can have a big impact on the ability of business to provide plentiful jobs and high living standards for New Zealanders.  Business would like to see policies that allow for this outcome,” BusinessNZ Chief Executive Phil O’Reilly said.

Recommendations from key business groupings – small business, high value manufacturing and services, digital business and regional business – show a lot of commonality, he said.

“Policies for competitiveness are most needed.

“Businesses want better outcomes from the education system.  Many can’t find staff with the right skills.  They want to see the education system focused more on in-demand skills like technology, IT and engineering.

“Tax is another competitiveness issue.  New Zealand companies pay the highest real rate of corporate tax in the developed world, largely because our tax system is so effectively broad-based with few exemptions.  Businesses would like to see the nominal rate of corporate tax set much lower than the current 28 percent.”

Better overall regulation, including more flexible employment law, was a key need expressed, particularly by small business.

Businesses also sought specific policies to improve digital connectivity, resource management, seismic strengthening, water allocation and others, Mr O’Reilly said.

Business Manifesto 2014 can be downloaded here on

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