2019 Professional Development Guide

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Half of New Zealand workers have already seen their job responsibilities change as a result of automation, according to recruitment company Hays, which says that constant upskilling is the key to remaining relevant and employable when lower-value tasks are automated.

In an online poll of 410 people in New Zealand conducted by the recruiter, 16 percent said automation has already impacted their job ‘significantly’, with their duties changing or their role becoming redundant.

Another 34 percent said their job has been impacted ‘partially’, with some tasks automated and non-routine duties increasing.

The final 50 percent said automation has so far had no impact on their day-to-day job responsibilities.

“There’s no denying that robots will continue to join workplaces across the country, with professionals able to benefit if they take the appropriate action now,” says Adam Shapley, managing director of Hays in New Zealand in a statement.

“Even if you are one of the 50 percent of skilled professionals whose job has not yet been impacted by automation, it’s essential you don’t rest on your laurels. The automation of routine and repetitive job tasks is inevitable.

“To prepare, consider what your job would look like if all the routine and repetitive duties you perform were automated. Then determine how you could fill the time freed up by the automation of these tasks in a way that adds greater strategic value to your employer,” he says.

“Next, start to upskill in the higher-value areas you’ve identified so that you’ll be ready for the automation of your lower-value, repetitive tasks.

“But don’t just sit back and wait for automation to knock on your door. Be proactive and embrace change by exploring relevant automation tools and their practical application for your role. 

“Set up a meeting with your boss to discuss these new tools and how they could be of use in your role. Then present your plan for how you can focus your time on higher-value tasks if your routine and repetitive job responsibilities were automated.

“Remember, constant upskilling is the key to remaining relevant and employable when lower-value tasks are automated.”

Another Hays survey of 951 employers found that 77 percent are more likely to shortlist a qualified candidate who upskills regularly.

And 96 percent of the 1,253 professionals Hays also spoke to regard upskilling as ‘very important’ or ‘important’ and 35 percent were aware of the technology and digital trends relevant to their job or industry. See hays.net.nz


Brightstar is New Zealand’s leading training company. We are a passionate group of people who assist organisations achieve their aspirations by working with them to train their people for success. With 20 years’ experience designing and delivering training courses and bespoke programmes, Brightstar’s public courses, in-house and customised training options make it easy to bring about real change, with real results. Brightstar can help with all your training needs no matter where in NZ you are based. 

Address: PO Box 31 506 Auckland 0741
Phone: 09 912 3616
Website: www.brightstar.co.nz

Steve Scott, Managing Director –
[email protected]
Jane Welch – In-house Learning & Development Manager – [email protected]


Contract Law for Non Lawyers
An essential course that explores details such as when a contract will be required, when you have a contract (and don’t necessarily know it), what types of contract exist and the effect of laws on your contractual arrangements. Learn how to develop legally astute and advantageous contracts and achieve effective, workable solutions for all your contracting needs. Also, explore how to ensure your contracts are plainly expressed and risk managed.

6-7 June 2019, Auckland
10-11 June 2019, Wellington 
10-11 October 2019, Auckland
14-15 October 2019, Wellington
Presenter: Terry Reid
Cost: $2,099+gst (2nd delegate discounts available)

Developing Assertiveness & Self Confidence at Work
Achieving successful working relationships with colleagues is not always easy. However, there is a balance where you can attain the best from colleagues, earn their respect and create a more constructive working atmosphere. This training course will provide practical guidance on how to handle and manage a wide range of workplace situations, so that you can achieve personal goals and contribute to your organisation’s success with a more confident approach.

22-23 May 2019, Wellington 
5-6 June 2019, Auckland 
7-8 August 2019, Wellington 
3-4 September 2019, Auckland 
19-20 November 2019, Wellington 
Presenter: Keith McGregor
Cost: $2,099+gst

Business Finance & Accounting for Finance for the Non-Finance Manager
If you lack confidence working with financial concepts and language, you are not alone! Many managers are expected to make financially based decisions without the assurance of a formal financial background. This course is an in-depth and practical course that demystifies financial concepts and provides tools for enhancing your effectiveness as a manager. 

6-7-8 May 2019, Auckland
20-28-29 May 2019, Wellington
5-6-7 August 2019, Auckland
17-18-19 September 2019, Wellington
Presenter: Bill Butler
Cost: $2,699+gst (2nd delegate discounts available)

Clear & Concise Business Writing
This two-day training course is designed to help you articulate your business message in a clear and concise manner that appeals to your customer – whomever that customer might be. We’ll go back to basics and get to grips with the fundamentals of grammar and punctuation, learn how to structure (a sentence, a paragraph and a document) and share sensible tips that will help you write more efficiently and persuasively. 

This course is ideal for anyone who wishes to improve their written business communications, and especially EAs, PAs, small business owners, managers, supervisors and non-marketers who’ve been handed some marketing responsibilities.

13-14 June 2019, Auckland
23-24 October 2019, Wellington
Presenter: Lizzie Brandon
Cost: $2,099+gst (2nd delegate discounts available)

Assertiveness, Influencing & Conflict Management for Women
1-2 May 2019, Wellington 
11-12 June 2019, Auckland 
18-19 September 2019, Wellington 
19-20 November 2019, Auckland 
Presenter: Pamela Cronin
Cost: $2,099+gst (2nd delegate discounts available)

Leadership Development for Women
21-22 May 2019, Wellington 
25-26 July 2019, Auckland 
14-15 August 2019, Wellington 
23-24 October 2019, Auckland 
28-29 November 2019, Wellington
Presenter: Pamela Cronin
Cost: $2,099+gst (2nd delegate discounts available)

Advanced Inventory Management
22-23 May 2019, Christchurch
26-27 August 2019, Auckland
Presenter: Keith Robinson
Cost: $2,099+gst (2nd delegate discounts available)

Operational Risk Assessment
20-21 May 2019, Auckland
23-24 May 2019, Wellington
12-13 August 2019, Auckland
15-16 August 2019, Wellington
Presenter: Chris Peace
Cost: $2,099+gst (2nd delegate discounts available)

People Management Skills for Technical Professionals
8-9 April 2019, Wellington 
30-31 July 2019, Auckland 
20-21 August 2019, Wellington 
6-7 November 2019, Auckland
Presenter: Keith McGregor
Cost: $2099+gst (2nd delegate discounts available)

Introduction to your New Role as EA/PA or Office Manager
1-2 July 2019, Auckland 
2-3 September 2019, Wellington 
12-13 November 2019, Auckland 
Presenter: Elaine McMeeking
Cost: $2,099+gst (2nd delegate discounts available)

The EA/PA and Office Managers Masterclass
13-14 June 2019, Auckland 
29-30 July 2019, Wellington
14-15 October 2019, Auckland
Presenter: Elaine McMeeking
Cost: $2,099+gst (2nd delegate discounts available)

Governance Masterclass for EA/PAs
16 May 2018, Auckland
29 October 2019, Auckland
31 October 2019, Wellington
Presenter: Anne Blackburn
Cost: $1,199+gst 

The Strategic Executive Assistant: Business Acumen for Senior EAs & PAs
14-15 May 2019, Wellington
31 July – 1 August 2019, Auckland
24-25 September 2019, Wellington
Presenter: Pamela Cronin
Cost: $2,099+gst (2nd delegate discounts available)

Facilitation & Presentation Skills
31 July – 1 August 2019, Auckland 
10-11 August 2019, Wellington
Presenter: Penny Holden
Cost: $2,099+gst (2nd delegate discounts available)

Institute of Management New Zealand

For over 70 years, IMNZ has been the premiere leadership training and development institute of New Zealand businesses and leaders. 

IMNZ offers programmes and short courses that allow individuals and businesses to build capability, increase confidence, and achieve greater personal and team productivity. 

Our long-standing history proves that we understand kiwi businesses and professionals.
We know how important it is to stay on top of your ever-changing business and market. We ensure our courses are highly interactive and rooted in experiential learning. They are fast paced for your busy schedule, and easily implemented back at work.

Phone: 09 303 9100
Emails: [email protected] 
Website: www.imnz.co.nz



Kick start your management career
3 x 1.5 days spaced over 3 months
Leading a team for the first time? This course provides you with best practice management tools and techniques and explains how to effectively Lead Self, Lead Others, and Lead Business Performance.

Master the transition from manager to leader 
six x days spaced over three months 
Equip yourself with the tools, insight and mindset you need to be tomorrow’s leader today. You’ll learn to understand and develop your leadership approach, enhancing your vision and the impact you have on both your team and business.


Coach people for improved performance
three x days spaced over three months
Want to get more out of your team? Designed to enable managers to use coaching skills as part of their management toolkit learn the tools and techniques to get the best out of people, enhance motivation and create a sense of purpose.

Don’t let your fear of finance get in the way of your success
two x days
Not a numbers person? But need to sharpen your skills to make better informed decisions? Learn how to interpret and apply financial data across a range of contexts and understand its implications. 

Deliver your projects within budget, on time, and with high quality results
three x days 
Gain an overview of the tools, techniques and resources necessary to manage projects. Learn to plan and implement projects efficiently and turn your leadership skills into measurable performance.

Southern Institute of Technology

Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) is an innovative New Zealand Institute of Technology providing quality education to both full and part-time students. With campuses in Invercargill, Queenstown, Christchurch, Gore and Auckland, SIT offers more than 200 qualifications covering more than 30 subject areas. Our courses range from Certificate level studies right through to Masters degrees, all of which are accredited and approved by New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA).

Address: 133 Tay Street Invercargill 9810
Website: www.sit.ac.nz
Phone: 0800 4 0 FEES (0800 4 0 3337
Email: [email protected]

Master of Applied Management

Qualification: Masters
Level: 9
Dates: 2019 – Invercargill: 19 August, 28 October, Distance learning: 17 June Applications close
27 May,  05 August – Applications close 15 July
Duration: 18 months full time, part time options available
Location: Invercargill, SIT2LRN distance learning
Credits: 180

The Masters of Applied Management is aimed at management professional and recent graduates, wishing to undertake an advanced programme of study in order to prepare for further study or to assist with obtaining a more senior position.

Postgraduate Diploma of Applied Management

Qualification: Postgraduate Diploma
Level: 8
Dates: 2019 – Invercargill: 8 July  
Distance learning:  17 June Applications close –
27 May,  05 August – Applications close 15 July
Duration: One year full time, part time options available
Location: Invercargill, SIT2LRN distance learning
Credits: 120

Extend your management knowledge and skills with the objective of obtaining employment or advancing your career. Public and private sector organisations employing graduates will benefit from their broad knowledge and skill set, including problem-solving and team work.

Bachelor of Applied Management

Qualification: Degree
Level: 7
Dates: 2019 –Distance learning:  17 June Applications close – 27 May,  05 August – Applications close 15 July
Duration: Three years full time, part time options available
Location: SIT2LRN distance learning
Credits: 360

The Bachelor of Applied Management programme aims to produce graduates with the personal and professional skills necessary to be successful in demanding and evolving business environments, whether locally, nationally or internationally.

Majors available for the Bachelor of Applied Management programme are Applied Management, Applied Marketing, Event Management, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Occupational Health and Safety and coming soon Agribusiness Management

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise

Qualification: Postgraduate Diploma
Level: 8
Dates: 2019 – Invercargill: 22 July, 28 October   
Distance learning:  10 June Applications close –
20 May,  05 August – Applications close 15 July
Duration: 18 months full time, part time options available
Location: Invercargill, SIT2LRN distance learning
Credits: 186

This programme is designed to meet the needs of graduates who wish to start their own business as well as those who want to learn about entrepreneurship, innovation and business enterprise management in an existing business. Students in the programme will not only be focused on creating new business ventures, but will also have a willingness and commitment to learn about new enterprise creation and development from theoretical and research based perspectives.

Bachelor of Professional Communication

Qualification: Degree
Level: 7
Dates: 2019 – Distance learning:  17 June Applications close – 27 May,  05 August – Applications close 15 July
Duration: Three years full time, part time options available
Location: SIT2LRN distance learning
Credits: 360

Study to be an effective communicator, researcher, writer and leader. Covering a wide range of topics such as media culture, news broadcasting, communication strategies, politics, law, ethics, event management, brand management, and crisis and emergency management, you will learn transferable skills to help you in any career, from media organisations to government and private enterprise.


The Leadership Circle Profile (TLCP) is a true breakthrough among 360 degree profiles. It is the first to connect a number of well-researched competencies with the underlying and motivating habits of thought. It reveals the relationship between patterns of action and internal assumptions that drive behaviour. Ultimately, TLCP goes to the sources of behaviour to get greater leverage on change. Unlike most profiles that take hours to interpret, TLCP integrates all this information in a way that brings the key issues to the surface. 

Over the last decade, The Leadership Circle has risen to the top tier of leadership assessments worldwide, and is used by executive and leadership development professionals working with some of New Zealand’s biggest public and private sector organisations.

PO Box 3237, Wellington 6140


Sue Hornblow (Workshop Facilitator)
Brad Stringer (Advisor)


Full Certification: Involves four days of training and covers adult development theory and the Leadership Circle framework. You will practice using and interpreting the Leadership Circle Profile and the Manager Edition for one-on-one coaching sessions. The fourth day covers Collective Leadership. You will explore the Leadership Culture Survey and learn how to use the Leadership Circle with executive teams for organisational development.

Cost: $5000 (EarlyBird) or $5500 (ex. GST)

Leadership Circle Profile Certification: Involves three days of training and covers adult development theory and the Leadership Circle framework. You will practice using and interpreting the Leadership Circle Profile and the Manager Edition for one-on-one coaching sessions. You will not cover the Culture Survey or using the Leadership Circle with teams.

Cost: $4000 (EarlyBird) or $4500 (ex. GST)

May 14-16 (Profile Certification) + May 17 (Full Certification)
Sept 24-26 (Profile Certification) + Sept 27 (Full Certification)
Courses are subject to numbers.
In-house training can be provided for groups of 10 or larger.

Contact us: [email protected]

University of Waikato

Graduate and postgraduate study is an opportunity to undertake professional development, drive career advancement and gain practical expertise in a targeted subject area. 

Waikato Management School’s world-class postgraduate programmes are a great option for:
• Business graduates who’d like to gain specialist knowledge in their field to advance their career.
• Graduates from other fields who’d like to retrain for an entirely new career.
• People with significant work experience who’d like to back it up with a formal business qualification.


The University of Waikato’s Management School is Triple Crown Accredited by the most sought-after international accreditations, AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS, placing it in the top one % of business schools globally. 

Hamilton Campus
Gate 7, Hillcrest Road
Hamilton 3240

Tauranga Campus
200 Cameron Road & Durham Street
Tauranga 3110


Waikato Management School Executive Education
Call 07 838 4943 or email [email protected] 
Management Student Centre
Call 0800 654 303 and 07 838 4303 or email [email protected] 


Master of Business Administration (MBA)
The Waikato MBA is transformative and develops leaders who have the skills and knowledge to manage responsibly and implement innovative strategies for organisations. The approach to learning supports participants to advance their strategic understanding of business through a practical, real-world approach. Graduates understand the complex issues faced by business leaders, and develop the necessary skills to drive future innovation.

Pathway to the MBA
The Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies (PGDipMgtSt) is an executive education qualification in its own right, and a potential pathway into the Waikato MBA. Participants complete the same courses as those doing Part 1 of the MBA programme. This qualification may appeal to working professionals seeking a generalist management qualification that will provide the knowledge and skills to move from middle to senior management roles. For more info about the PGDipMgtSt visit exec.waikato.ac.nz/pgdip 

Location: Hamilton and Tauranga
Duration: 2 to 3 years. Flexible options exist to complete over 4 to 5 years.
Format: Part-time with flexible class times in the evenings and weekends
Intakes: February and March annually
Credits: 240 (120 points for each Part)
Cost: Part 1 – $17,000; and Part 2 – $31,270 inclusive of textbooks and international study tour costs
For more info: visit exec.waikato.ac.nz/mba or email [email protected] 

Master of Digital Business (MDigiBus)
Get equipped with the specialist skills needed to drive digital transformation in any business.

The one-year MDigiBus is aimed at future tech-savvy managers who wish to use the latest digital and e-commerce technologies to improve business performance within any organisation. Develop a sought-after blend of skills in both IT and management, and be equipped to lead digital transformation strategies within organisations. Learn about topics such as big data, cloud/mobile computing, real-time analytics, global marketing, search technology, virtual team communication, supply chain integration and automated logistics. Features an 8-12-week industry internship and an applied research project related to a real organisation.

Location: Hamilton and online
Duration: Part-time or full-time for 1 to 2+ years
Format: Option to study online or face-to-face
Intakes: February and July
Credits: 120 or 180 points, dependent on prior study
Cost: from $7,744 to $11,616
For more info: visit waikato.ac.nz/go/mdigibus

Master of Management Studies (MMS)
Accelerate career development and become an industry leader by gaining expertise in a specialist area of management

The Master of Management Studies (MMS) is a research-focused master’s degree for those who wish to prepare for an academic career or PhD, or be promoted into leadership roles that require a high level of critical thinking, problem-solving and information analysis.
Gain specialist expertise in one of 14 subjects:

• Accounting
• Agribusiness
• Applied Economics and Finance
• Economics
• Finance
• Human Resource Management
• International Management
• Leadership Communication
• Management and Sustainability
• Management Systems
• Marketing
• Public Relations
• Strategic Management
• Tourism Management

The MMS normally includes a combination of both taught and research papers, but can also be taken as a full research degree. 
Location: Hamilton
Duration: Part-time or full-time for 1 to 2+ years
Format: Taught classes and research
Intakes: February and July
Credits: 120 or 180 points, dependent on prior study
Cost: from $7,744 to $11,616
For more info: visit waikato.ac.nz/go/mms 

Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) and Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) 
Postgraduate certificates and diplomas are a short and focused qualification for those who wish to continue building on their bachelor’s degree or professional experience by gaining in-depth knowledge of a specialist subject. Both qualifications can be taken in one of 14 subjects – see the list above.
Location: Hamilton
Duration: PGCert – 4 months or PGDip – 8 months, studying full-time.
Format: Taught classes
Intakes: February and July
Credits: PGCert – 60 points to PGDip – 120 points
Cost: from $3,872 to $7,744

For more info: visit waikato.ac.nz/go/pgcert and waikato.ac.nz/go/pgdip 

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