The horrendous events in Christchurch have scarred our country forever and in the days since then the outpourings of grief and love and care have put our own trivial worries into stark perspective. And while our Prime Minister has been widely praised for her impeccable leadership at this time, as the NZHerald pointed out in an editorial, so too has the Muslim community in choosing to return the embrace of the nation, when it would have been justifiable to close the doors and lock the gates.

Our April issue is now out and in it we delve into corporate innovation. While the perceived wisdom is that large companies can struggle to innovate that appears to be changing as more of New Zealand’s big businesses work hard to bring an entrepreneurial spirit into their thinking and business models. We also look at how new CEOs can manage the stress that comes with the job (and it is real) and have an excellent piece about the rise of the business hug – or not.

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