EA Leadership Forum 2019 4th-5th December

Don’t miss the 3rd Annual National EA Leadership Forum 2019!

Are you an EA ready to advance beyond the role of executive assistant, build a leadership mentality and possibly explore other positions in management and key decision-making roles?

Well, you’re in luck, because the 3rd Annual National EA Leadership Forum 2019 is coming to Wellington on 5th December!

Bringing together inspirational leaders and successful executive assistants from top organisations across New Zealand, this conference will provide you with the practical tools necessary to establish yourself as an influential EA, step into higher-level strategic roles, broaden your skillset and much more.

Speakers include:

  • Hon Julie Anne Genter MP, Minister for Women, New Zealand Parliament  
  • Meredith Fenwick, EA to CEO, Landcorp NZ 
  • Cathi Butler, EA to Deputy Chief Executive, Ministry of Transport 
  • Karina Jorgensen, EA to GM, Ministry for Children 
  • Elke Schaefer, EA to Territorial Leaders, Salvation Army 
  • Caroline Saufoi, EA to Chief Digital Officer, The Warehouse Group 
  • Peter Bradley, Chief Executive Officer, St John New Zealand  
  • Pamina Prasad, EA to Group GM, Invita NZ 
  • Janine Dwen, EA to CEO, Transpower 

Key learning outcomes:

  • Evolve from an executive assistant into a strategic partner
  • Move above and beyond the traditional “EA” role
  • Create your own personal branding
  • Improve your soft skills to keep up with technological upheaval
  • Build your influence within and outside of your organisation
  • Overcome the perceived limitations of an executive assistant role
  • Develop a leadership mentality
  • Think like a CEO For more details
  • And more…

Visit eapa-wel.aventedge.com for more details.

Register early for best rates and apply VIP code: NZB10 to receive an exclusive 10% discount.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your registration, call Aventedge at 02 9188 8950 or contact at [email protected]

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