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See Things Differently

With 19 best-sellers to his name, Seth Godin is a marketing and leadership titan. He equips business leaders, marketers and entrepreneurs to differentiate themselves, connect with their ideal customers and spread ideas that demand attention.

The New York Times best-selling author of Purple Cow, This Is Marketing, Linchpin and many others, Seth Godin has spent over three decades, challenging the status quo and demonstrating how making a lasting impact starts by seeing things differently. And he’s ready to show you how.

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A once in a decade opportunity, let the world’s brightest mind in innovation, marketing and business leadership equip you to drive business growth in 2020. 
At this practical, highly interactive seminar, Seth Godin will equip you with essential skills to implement effective marketing strategies, drive change and stimulate business growth. You will learn the tools needed to explore, interrogate and embrace the potential of innovative marketing, leadership and business. 
Over four hours, Seth will answer your questions, showing you what’s possible and how effective marketing can take you from good to remarkable.

Seth will share the tools to:
·       Understand the power of your authentic story
·       Lead with authenticity and inspire others to join you
·       Develop products that make a difference
·       Stand out from your competition
·       Pinpoint your ideal customer base
·       Communicate with your customers to build maximum loyalty
·       Develop a marketing strategy to convince and convert
·       Utilise digital tools for impactful connection
·       Create a meaningful brand that outlasts you
And it all starts by seeing things differently.
“Your tactics can make a difference, but your strategy—your commitment to a way of being and a story to be told and a promise to be made—can change everything.”
Seth Godin


Your best work can’t wait. Join us

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