Management April 2015


Breaking the badness

For any organisation, workplace bullying leads to less organisational commitment, demotivation, job dissatisfaction and higher levels of absenteeism and resignations. 

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Facing up to aggressive cybersecurity attacks

Although the frequency of a cybersecurity attack on a large scale is low, by 2018, 40 percent of large enterprises will have formal plans to address aggressive cybersecurity business disruption attacks, up from zero percent in 2015, according to a research and advisory firm, Gartner, Inc. 

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Meet the YouTube generation

The YouTube generation offers brands and businesses an opportunity for collaboration to reach younger and niche audiences – as well as an insight into the minds and hearts of Gen Y and Z, says Fiona Powell.

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More than just me: The power of contribution

Studies show that unconditional contribution to the wider community strongly contributes to healthier relationships, higher job satisfaction and can add an additional 10 years to life expectancy. So, says Fiona Hewitt, by doing good – you feel good too.

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Management unplugged

In today’s always-on world it’s important technology is managed effectively to ensure that its benefits aren’t outweighed by increased stress levels and the idea that you need to be “always on”. Both employers and employees have a responsibility to set some boundaries, writes Patricia Moore.

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