Management April 2015

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Managing 30 million square kilometresof airspace

Airways CEO – Ed Sims
Airline safety has seldom been at the forefront of so many minds after the three horrific airline disasters that unfolded in 2014. But Airways chief executive Ed Sims and his team of air traffic controllers relish their role at the coal face of air safety in New Zealand.

Execs and leaders on the move

Nurturing young leaders
Here are seven very useful steps to building leadership self-confidence.
Peer-to-Peer: Dare to share?
Coined as the 21st Century’s ‘Collaboration Revolution’, global indicators point towards the rapid rise of the Sharing Economy.  This translates to both opportunities and warnings for New Zealand.
Are we capable of learning?
Can New Zealanders move beyond the ‘kind wish’ school of safety management and really learn from those who are doing it well?
Vision is not an annual speech
Regardless of what you call it – vision, calling, purpose, mission legacy, dream, aspiration – people expect their leaders to know where they’re going and to have a sense of direction.
Less is more
Sustainability plays a huge role in Liz Mitchell’s clothing designs, in the fabrics she uses and in her design philosophy.
Breaking the Badness
For any organisation, workplace bullying leads to less organisational commitment, demotivation, job dissatisfaction and higher levels of absenteeism and resignations. A team from Massey University examines how you can better handle reports of workplace bullying
Management unplugged
In today’s always-on world it’s important technology is managed effectively to ensure that its benefits aren’t outweighed by increased stress levels and the idea that you need to be “always on” writes Patricia Moore.
More than just me
Studies show that unconditional contribution to the wider community strongly contributes to healthier relationships, higher job satisfaction and can add an additional 10 years to life expectancy. So, says Fiona Hewitt, by doing good – you feel good too.
Turning knowing into doing.
Best for business
Pay in the public sector
Managing for a better world – without chocolate?
Seven tips on how coaching helps boost employee engagement
Social Media
Meet the YouTube generation
Procrastinate later
Books and blogs


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