Apps helping managers make better people decisions

Middle managers can now make more informed decisions about employee salaries, resourcing and task allocation due to a suite of business mobile apps developed by Hay Group, a global management consulting firm.

Hay Group Activate apps provide managers with access to real-time people management information enabling them to make faster and more effective decisions that are in line with their company’s HR policies.

The first three apps to be released locally by Hay Group are designed to help line managers advance their leadership development, assign value to an employee or job, and identify appropriate levels of pay and reward.

Simon Woolley, Business Unit Leader, Hay Group New Zealand, said the new apps help managers access high-quality information when they need it the most.

“There can be a real disconnect between HR and the line when it comes to implementing people policies with managers increasingly bypassing HR departments.  Research has shown that one in five managers from Australia and New Zealand are turning to Google instead of HR when it comes to making important employee management decisions because they believe it is a better source of information.

“Activating line managers with these new tools will help bridge the gap between policy development and implementation empowering middle managers with the information they need to put people strategies in to practice autonomously while still ensuring they are within the framework of the company’s HR policy,” said Woolley.

The suite of Hay Group Activate apps include:

Styles and climate– a coach in the pocket, the app help managers improve their leadership skills by providing a tailored development program that features practical tasks and tips that are automatically sent to managers while at work.

Grade a job– pre-loaded with a company’s grading structure and the line managers’ team, the app enables managers to quickly and easily gauge the level of a job compared to others in their team; helping them make quick decisions about new or changing roles in the team.

Price a job –pre-loaded with company salary bands, staff lists, grades and locations and providing direct access to Hay Group’s pay database, the app helps managers make faster decision about what to pay their people by enabling them to quickly compare salary differences across different markets.

The Activate apps are highly flexible allowing HR to determine the type and range of data that is visible to the manager and also who that information can be shared with. Some of the apps also act as another communication channel allowing HR and the line to share information within the application.

“We now operate in a 24/7 digital workplace and modern-day managers expect information and knowledge at their fingertips. The Hay Group Activate mobile apps help businesses meet this need by putting real-time information in their manager’s pocket making it easier for them to do their job well,” said Woolley.

The Activate apps are currently available on mobile, tablet and PC.


More information on Hay Group Activate can be found here.

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