SuperThriller Jetsprint

Want some excitement for your team or to entertain some important clients, SuperThriller Jet located near Auckland airport is a new oportunity to get some Adrenalin.

Started by Mark Coggan the new facility is located in the Colin Dale Motorsport Park, it is not a fast ride – you actually get to drive a real jetboat round a sprint course. They can take teams of 8-12 people for a variety of formats from a simple three hot laps each after a familarisation lap with a staff member driving to a corporate challenge with heats, semi finals and finals.

The boats are locally designed and manufactured, the hulls are aluminium, engine is a modifed GM 1.6-litre fuel injected engine and the jet unit is Mark’s own design. The course is fairly short and delineated with buoys so you don’t have to worry about hitting a sand bar but the action is fast, fun and rewards good control of the boat. NZBusiness had a chance to try it out, driving a jet boat is quite different, rather than backing off to corner you need hard throttle as the jet does the steering (throttle off – no jet – no steering!). It rewards a fairly agressive technique but also requires some precision rather than just brute force. A good run is under 30 seconds (We dipped into the 25’s being only 0.4 seconds off the resident staff drivers best time!).

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