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Does incentive pay have a future

The rapidly changing economic environment over the past few years has driven organisations to rethink their remuneration strategies to better attract, retain and incentivise employees. During the first year of

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Strategise for normality

Supply chain issues, chip shortages, inflation, the Great Resignation, staff relocating out of the cities and more. There is a great deal for directors to strategise around in 2022. By

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Up in the cloud

New Zealand is becoming more attractive as a base for cloud computing, attracting data centre investments from the world’s largest technology firms, writes Graeme Muller. Amazon Web Services has announced

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Management February 2022

Sir Jerry Mateparae: World-class leadership mana Confessions of a change-maker: What you need to know to lead change effectively Clean, green home-grown sustainability initiatives Are boards overstepping the governance mark?

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Stakeholder governance

Almost 30 years since the introduction of the Companies Act 1993, it’s now a timely opportunity to review the framework for directors’ duties to ensure ongoing strong and effective governance.

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The digital dividend from SaaS

If economic modelling developed in Australia, around digital transformation, holds true for this country too we’re looking at a $35 billion a year opportunity for Aotearoa, writes John Mazenier. Recently,

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Managing supply chain restrictions

  With container ship supply to New Zealand at historic lows and freight prices skyrocketing, business leaders need to consider whether their pre-Covid supply chain is appropriate for the changing

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Management February 2021

Leadership Questions for 2021
Sensitive Expenditure: Building trust and confidence
Is your team ready for mandatory privacy breach notifications?
Is there still room at the top?
Making wiser decisions during uncertain times

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Is there still room at the top?

  With more senior level expats returning home and fewer Kiwis heading overseas for work, what effect is this having on younger executives wanting to climb the corporate ladder? Adam

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You are going to hell

The well-publicised comments by Israel Folau recently highlight something many businesses must deal with daily. Your staff may not be as high profile, but the issues are just as thorny,

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Virtue Signalling

If you want to practice good corporate social responsibility then you need to ensure that there is nothing you still do in your business that is, in fact, the antithesis

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05 MGT MAY 19

Management May 2019

Leadership lessons from Christchurch Collective CEO wisdom on managing a top team New Zealand’s untapped talent pool Great leaders need courage and diversity   Corporate Style Remuneration Strategy Virtue signalling.

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Governing in a VUCA environment

How does a board govern in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment? By Cathy Parker. VUCA – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous – was a term coined by the

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IMNZ joins Skills Group

The Institute of Management NZ (IMNZ) has announced that it has now joined Skills Group. Skills Group is a vocational education specialist with a global footprint and IMNZ’s general manager

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Management November 2014

In this issue our cover story is Project Management Success. Leadership is about getting the job done through people and bringing out the best in these people.

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