Management August 2015

Traci Houpapa: Courage, conviction, integrity and authenticity

Maori corporations, trusts, iwi, big business owners and SMEs owned by Maori business people are all significant and increasingly important contributors to the New Zealand economy, and Traci Houpapa sits at the heart of some of the biggest Maori entities. She is also the chair of New Zealand’s largest farming company.

Big girls don’t cry? Women and emotions at work

The invisible struggle to restrict emotional displays in the workplace is something that many women leaders face – under often-stressful situations. Aenslee Tanner has three tips to help you navigate this emotional terrain.

Knowing why is as important as knowing how
If we are going to be leaders that inspire and encourage others to achieve great things then we first need to start with the ‘why’, says Fiona Hewitt.

Leadership interrupted
Phil Kerslake was on a conventional leadership track but a recurring illness got in the way. He stepped off the leadership ladder to a position which enables him to maintain an income but gives him the flexibility to work on a pro-bono basis as an advocate for people with cancer. As he says: What more could a man want? 

Holding onto that honeymoon feeling
Research has found that the employment honeymoon, where staff are positive, interested, and full of enthusiasm, usually lasts about one year. Joanne Winquist looks at ways to keep employees engaged beyond their first year.

Fleet Management: The long road to green
No longer the stuff of futuristic fiction, electric vehicles and hybrids are an accepted part of the motoring scene across the globe; plugin, charge up and drive away. So why are the majority of fleet managers here still opting for the internal combustion engine rather than embracing what has to be a cleaner, greener, smarter way to drive? 

Are you fluent in strategy?

The Noblemaire Principle and pay in the Pacific.

Manage your emotions.

The leader’s apprentice.

Is management still about people?

Social Media
Broadcast yourself – live.

IMNZ’s Focus on Management
Chinks in your leadership armour. 


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