Management December 2014

Cover Story 
Victoria Crone, NZ Managing Director, Xero
“Science and maths are seen as nerdy subjects – there’s a lack of understanding of the really cool things you can do in the tech space.”
How to lead like it matters: How managers, executives and CEOs can create a positive ‘ripple effect’ and make a real difference in their quest for success. 
Why Line Managers need to ditch the no.8 wire:“She’ll be right” and “no worries” are classic Kiwi mantras but are they really something to be proud of in our workplaces? 
Why information security is everybody’s business:Despite a company’s best endeavours, data breaches are more a question of when and how, rather than if. 
Managing employees in a social media technology workplace:Focus should not be on the technology but on how employees use social media. 
Most teams talk magnificently but only deliver modestly:Too often great team performance is sacrificed for self-interest or self-preservation.
Developing creativity in the world of work: Nurturing creativity in our teams, leaders and organisations for innovation. 
Lights, camera, action:The rise of video as a corporate business tool. 
The changing face of leadership: Insights from New Zealand leaders on how they see the leadership landscape. 
Leadership :Leadership lessons from a winter ski trip. 

People: Body odour, office affairs and Christmas shenanigans.

Diversity: Diversity delivers more than results.

Remuneration: Debate with prejudice? Try pay equity.

Success: Read your way to success.

Technology: Which smartphone is best for enterprise?


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