Management July 2015

Leading with the head and the heart

Commissioner of Police Mike Bush is a career policeman, starting out as a raw 17-year-old straight from school. Thirty-six years later he leads the 12,000 men and women who make up the NZ Police Service. It’s a leadership role with many and varied challenges, not the least being the level of scrutiny the police come under. And, for Mike Bush, it is a job that requires real compassion.

Taking on the beauty giants
Angela Buglass returned to New Zealand in 2014 after many years working in the highly competitive global beauty industry. She came home to take up the role of managing director of Trilogy natural products division and has now become group CEO of Trilogy International. Management caught up with her as she stepped up to the new role.

Why leadership is such a big challenge
There are four major global trends predicted to impact leadership and management capability and development over the next 10 years. Fiona Hewitt explains why impactful leadership is so important.

Fearless Leadership
New Zealand leaders need to re-invent re-imagine, explore, create, heal, inspire. Sina Wendt-Moore says that fearless leaders have a responsibility to embrace life, influence it, change it, shake things up – make this world a better place and make a difference.

Talentism is the new capitalism
What is talentism? Simon Arcus discusses the growing relevance of talent to New Zealand boards and the critical role boards can play.

Leadership and governance in financial services
Governance is not the sole preserve of board directors. While a properly functioning board is paramount to business success, governance is also a mindset and a function of operational efficiency, says Rob Everett. 

Building markets for radical innovations

Where are you?

‘It is what it is’ – except when it isn’t.

Transparency of senior executive remuneration.

Social Media
Managing content overload.

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