Management June 2016

Mirror, mirror on the wall: How attractive is your employer brand?

A strong employer brand can make a substantial impact on payroll costs, on staff turnover and on the cost of hiring new staff. So what makes an employer attractive to prospective employees and why should your organisations care? 

Leadership lessons from Leicester City’s miracle season

Leicester City football club has just caused one of the greatest sporting upset of all time. So what did its leadership do right?

Revolutionising diversity in New Zealand’s leadership
Earlier this year 50 of the country’s top CEOs got together to look at how to tackle a step-change in diversity in New Zealand’s leadership. Champions for Change is a veritable who’s who of New Zealand’s business leaders, so what’s it all about? And how serious are their goals? Management asked co-chair, and the CEO of BNZ, Anthony Healy, what was driving the change.

How business models shape corporate success

In an era when an entire business can be wiped out overnight, organisations need to be constantly reviewing the relevance of their business models.

Why baby boomers and millennials make great friends
The baby boomer and millennial generations are a match made in heaven. Their friendship could become an unsuspecting source of power for an organisation, team or project. So how do you tap into this resource?

CEO to staff pay ratios: Will more knowledge make a difference? By John McGill.

Focus: What’s your red dot?

Managing for a better world
Management: Science, art and personal.

Timing is everything.

Social Media
Is social media the future of news?

IMNZ: Focus on Management 

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