Management September 2015

Relishing the challenge: Sky TV’s John Fellet on longevity at the top, the changing media landscape, telling the story and baseball

Sky Television’s John Fellet could be seen as something of a rarity in New Zealand’s corporate world – firstly through his longevity at the top of one of New Zealand’s major companies and he may well be the only New Zealand corporate CEO who nearly made it in American professional baseball.

A beautiful gift

The Maori business sector has huge potential still be to unlocked, Michael Ahie told Management magazine.

Sustainability: Doing well, by doing good
Corporate social responsibility through sustainability is becoming the driver for enterprises across the globe as they acknowledge there’s more to success in business than simply making money. But are New Zealand companies keeping up?

The cost of bad writing
Ignoring the power of the written word is costing New Zealand business and government big money, says Lynda Harris.

If we all strived to operate from a place that respects who we are as individuals, in an ethical manner with integrity in our business dealings, can you imagine the type of leaders we could be for others and ultimately ourselves, asks Fiona Hewitt.

Developing a workable succession methodology
Companies that continually want to develop and move forward need diversity and original thinkers. Selecting a director from a diverse group of staff, who aren’t just like you, is one of the big challenges in succession planning. By Trevor Crawley.

Pulling the capex lever to generate value
Investing in a well-designed business case and capex management infrastructure can play a significant role in facilitating the selection and monitoring of strategic initiatives that deliver sustainable business value, say Jeff Jackson and Tony Street.

The one question every successful person asks.

Trends in the next two years: Are there pay pressure points?

A short history lesson on sustainability.

Leadership challenge – strategic vs. tactical.

The unbearable lightness of customer centricity.

Coaching leaders: Keys for success. 

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