February 24, 2009

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Stop Blaming the System – Solving Process Problems

In a struggle to improve service and administrative processes, many organisations are spending millions on IT systems and software – when the problem is actually right under their noses and a lot cheaper to fix. Hamish Elliott explores the increasingly common misconception that expensive IT systems and software are the golden panacea to business process problems.

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CONTENTS: March 2009 • Vol 56 No 2

Cover Story : Why Marketing Matters – Top Tips For Recession Survival As global recession bites into business bravado and crushes consumer confidence, marketing budgets inevitably come under pressure. It’s

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CHANGE MANAGEMENT: Knowledge Transfer – Initiating A New CEO

We’ve all been there – started a new job with little or no handover. AIG New Zealand did things differently when outgoing chief executive Rob Ryan and incoming chief executive Matt Harris worked together for a seamless transition. The company faced the added challenge of the change taking place just after its American parent hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

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