November 2, 2011

Investor report hammers home bribery risks

A new investor report highlights bribery and corruption risk across ASX200. ‘Anti-corruption and Bribery Practices in Corporate Australia: A review of the S&P/ASX200’ was commissioned by ACSI and produced by CAER (Corporate Analysis Enhanced Responsibility).

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Much like efforts to sort out the Greek economy, latest news blows hot and cold …

Deloitte/Management magazine Top 200 Awards judges have been in lockdown picking this year’s finalists and winners… Whatever happens next in Greece, our economist Bob Edlin warns it’s not likely to be pretty for New Zealand…

Sir Paul Callaghan throws his weight behind a bright technology future for NZ at the latest TIN100 launch… New initiative to boost business incubators wins plaudits…

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NZ firms find talent fast

Just over a quarter (28.8%) of New Zealand hiring managers say they can now find the right person for the job within two to four weeks of starting to look.

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TIN100 companies show strong growth

Dinosaurs hung over guests’ heads at the TIN100 launch in Auckland’s Auckland War Memorial Museum. But there’s nothing outdated about this year’s TIN100 companies which collectively brought in $7 billion worth of revenue last year: a 5% hike on the previous 12 months.

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