Bookcase: The Art of Engagement: Bridging the gap between people and possibilities

• Jim Haudan
• McGraw-Hill
• $50.00

Engaging the people you work with in order to unleash any hidden potential is probably good idea most of the time: when economic conditions are as tough as they are right now, it’s essential.
Author Jim Haudan is the founder and chief executive of Root Learning, US-based international management consultancy and his book The Art of Engagement is based on his inter­actions during 20 years of consultancy.
The book is aimed at managers and its premise is how to engage employees in the strategic priorities of the business. Haudan examines the concept of engagement in business – from the so-called ‘roots of engagement’ to the six reasons given by self-identified disengaged workers. (You’ll have to read it to learn them.)
He also includes case studies and framework for process to strategically engage employees as well as check-list for assessing business’ level of strategic engagement.
It’s an interesting read and, if you can buy into the somewhat American-seeming phrases (eg, “engaging the hearts and minds of their people”) then there is actually lot of sensible and helpful advice in these pages. • Ellen Read

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