BOOKCASE : Head, Heart & Guts

• David L Dotlich, Peter C Cairo & Stephen H Rhinesmith • Wiley • $43.95

Why are some leaders more successful than others? The authors of Head, Heart & Guts contend it’s because some people have the knack of combining what they believe are three significant attributes: the ability to set strategy, empathise with others and take risks.
Most importantly, they can access and juggle these skills at will and it is this three-way combo that makes them what the authors call whole, rather than potential, leaders.
Dotlich, Cairo and Rhinesmith argue that many leaders can go long way on any one of these attributes – and there’s plenty of evidence to back up that argument – but most long-term leadership success hinges on being able to roll with the punches and that requires much bigger toolkit. This book is certainly worth read.

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