BOOKCASE : How to Sell Yourself

• Ray Grose
• Kogan Page
• RRP $21.99

Every day in business you have to sell yourself – but we often forget that.
In How to Sell Yourself, Ray Grose puts pretty compelling case for thinking about your image in every interaction with people, every day.
Grose says each morning when your staff walk in the door you should consider the impact of your greeting; as you write every email you should think about its tone and hidden messages; and at every office social event you need to remember that your image within the organisation and outside it rests on your discretion, friendliness and presentation.
Grose covers much that has been said before – but much of it people in business forget. As we become more our own ‘brands’ as well as representing the brands we work for, there are behaviours that are proven to help us succeed and get promotions or win business and contracts. Why ignore them? • Brenda Ward, editor of NZ Management

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