BOOKCASE : What’s Keeping You Awake at Night?

• David Bogan
• Harper Collins
• RRP $29.00

As one who frequently quits my bed for book and the couch to counter the hours wasted awake and worrying about nothing of real consequence, I opened this book expecting to be disappointed. I wasn’t, well not entirely. Time, I suppose, will prove its real value to me personally, but it was accessible, sensible and personally revealing.
David Bogan is problem solver, global expert in disputes and conflict resolution. By drawing on his many years facilitating top-level disputes of almost every conceivable kind, he understands the fundamentals that contribute toward our common failure to positively co-exist.
There are five fundamentals to Bogan’s message about how to get good night’s sleep. Put simply, they are:
• Learn to say no – don’t agree to do things you don’t want to do.
• Accept your mistakes and imperfections – things go wrong so just get on and fix them.
• Accept confrontation – it is normal part of life and will not necessarily lead to conflict.
• Collaborate – listen to your intuition, it seldom lets you down, then work with others to work it out.
• Accept that solution may be painful – if not for you, then maybe for someone else. But that’s life.
Bogan’s case studies are about real people in real situations. What keeps us awake at night are the unresolved conflicts in our everyday life. So, he says, resolve the conflict and you will get some sleep. Then he shows you how to identify the nature of your problem and go about resolving it.
My unresolved conflict is simply that if what he suggests works, I won’t read as many books in month. On the other hand, the unfortunate manifestations of my sleep deprivation may open the door to who knows what opportunities for fulfilment.

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