BOOKCASE : Who Really Runs the World?

• Thom Burnett & Alex Games • Collins & Brown • $19.99

Conspiracy theorists will enjoy this. It is written just for them. It is the sixth in series and contains something for everyone who ever suspected the world is run by frightening fraternity of vested interest.
The battle lines are increasingly drawn between globalisation and democracy and while the authors offer some interesting answers to the question who is really trying to run the world, they also invite readers to ponder which side is gaining the upper hand in an increasingly bitter and bloody battle for control of the spoils.
Attempts to rule the world aren’t exactly new, but the rule of men like Alexander the Great seldom lasted beyond the conqueror’s lifetime.
The book takes look at common conspiracies – ancient and modern; the way in which money makes the world go round; the relevance of the stealthy intrusion into our lives of intelligence technology and bureaucratic regulation and, of course, the facilitative role of the media as it goes global.
A thoughtful look at some alarming global trends and which features the role of the modern corporation in conspiratorial way. thriller in every sense – given that it is not fiction.

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