In Box: NZ Management reaches business influencers

NZ Management magazine readers are in senior positions in large companies, have high level of purchasing authority and high personal incomes. Colmar Brunton readership survey conducted for the magazine in November last year confirmed what publisher Mediaweb believed about its target audience and readership, said Mediaweb CEO Toni Myers.
The survey showed that 90 percent of readers have management or more senior roles, with approximately 60 percent on the senior executive team, CEO, owner, partner, director or chair. Forty-six percent have purchasing authority of $30,000+ with 31 percent able to approve spend of $100,000+.
“The results are better than we could ever have imagined,” Myers said. “Every business suffered throughout the recession and print media more than most. But we put lot of work, post-GFC, into revitalising NZ Management for this new challenging environment. It’s gratifying to see that quality content, well-directed for its target audience, is still valued and important service to business.
“And, what’s even better, the magazine has staying power with its readers – 77 percent read most or every issue and 55 percent keep it as reference for couple of months or indefinitely.”
Myers was pleased also that the survey confirmed high household income for readers with 70 percent in households earning $100,000+. And expenditure of that income included overseas travel, personal technology, training/skills development and investments.
For more information on the survey results and NZ Management’s demographics, contact Rod Myers at [email protected]. M

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