In Box: Tablets now mainstream

In the UK Christmas sales bumped up tablet ownership to 12.2 million adults. That’s almost
30 percent of the UK’s adult online population, and almost one in five of every man, woman and child in the country.
It was only in September that Market Research agency YouGov estimated there were fewer than six million tablet owners in the UK – so growth is outstripping the pollsters’ ability to measure it.
YouGov ‘s study reveals that seven percent of its respondents who don’t own tablet are planning to buy one before March – so it’s relatively safe bet to say tablet ownership will reach the 50 percent ownership mark by January 2014.
It’s an astonishing growth rate – when you recall that Apple only brought this category of device to the mass market in 2010.
The poll shows that more than half of all tablets in the UK are owned by over 45 year-olds. Even more surprisingly, the age category with the most tablets, 3.9 million, is the over-55s. M

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