In Box: Trendspotting for 2013

From advanced technology being even more accessible and personalised to yoghurt shops as the latest foodie trend, global communications and marketing agency JWT has released its top100 trends for 2013.
Many of JWT’s Things to Watch are technology-centric – the proliferation of “appcessories” (including instant-erase apps), digital ecosystems, flexible screens and responsive web design. The list also includes new foods or ingredients to watch (faux meat and wheat alternative, teff), new types of goods or businesses (quiet products, shopping hotels), new behaviours (mindful living, privacy etiquette).
For business marketers mobile-optimisation becoming mainstream, and ‘cutting out the middleman’ (companies communicating and dealing directly with their customers) are important mega-trends. As is ‘big-data’ with ‘data-scientists’ becoming the latest technology hotshots.
Green growth features strongly also.
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