CONTENTS: February 2009 • Vol 56 No 1

Lead Story : Survivor Recession Island – Rules of Engagement

Tim Watkin outlines the challenges managers face as the country navigates the recession and offers advice from experts on how to survive and take advantage of potential opportunities.

Face to Face : Michael Hill – Brand Champion: Covering the Basics

Michael Hill isn’t fancy. He doesn’t believe in the bells and whistles of executive offices and layer upon layer of management. His success lies in covering the basics and covering them extremely well. Whether it’s selling jewellery in Whangarei, teeing off on his The Hills golf course or promoting the Michael Hill International Violin Competition – it’s getting things done properly and never being afraid to jump in at whatever level needs help that is the key to his success. He talks to Ellen Read about the journey of expanding the Michael Hill brand globally.

Economy : More Turbulence in 2009 – Steering the Ship

The man charged with ensuring New Zealand’s financial and banking system navigates its way through the global economic crisis says these “extraordinary times” come along only once in central banker’s career. That is probably just as well for Reserve Bank governor Alan Bollard and his team at number two The Terrace. by Craig Howie

Emissions Reduction Scheme : The On-again Emissions Reduction Scheme – Review Time

Sudmissions are due on the emission reductions scheme review. Adelia Hallett explains the issues.

The World Class New Zealand Awards : Why Be Judge?

The World Class NZ Awards were established in 2003 to recognise successful world-class New Zealanders who give their time, knowledge and skills to help New Zealand companies and industries succeed internationally. Now in their sixth year, the awards have key role to play in identifying and celebrating our leaders who are successful on the world stage.

The Director : Vol 7 No 1

IN TOUCH: Focus, Comment On Built to Change Organisations; Bottom-Line Design
NZIM: Managing the Tough Times – David Chapman

• Thought Leader: Delivering on an Economic Growth Agenda – Murray Jack
• Politics: Groupthink in the Public Service – Colin James
• Economics: Happy New Year? – Bob Edlin
• Book Reviews – Reg Birchfield, Ellen Read

• News
• Case Study: Banker Counts Its Carbon
• Guides and Rules: CSR Reporting – Where to Start?
• Sustainability: Faster Broadband Will Deliver Triple-whammy Benefits

• Research: What Executives Want From Business Graduates – Juliet Roper
• Consultation: Credit Crunches and Good Faith – Kevin Gaunt
• Employment Law: New Year’s Resolutions and 90-day Trial Periods –
Greg Cain
• Ten Top Tips: Getting Your Brand Ready for 2009 – James Bickford

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