CONTENTS : July 2007 • Vol 54 No 6

Cover Story : Corporate Spying

Is it ethical? Should companies spy to protect their shareholders’ commercial interests? Is there clash between profits and ethics? by Kevin Lawrence

Leadership : Step Beyond – Taking Business to the Next Level

How do today’s business leaders help companies realise their potential in turbulent world? Going “step beyond” is the theme of this year’s Top 200 roll-call of corporate success and we ask Jonathon Ling, head of 2006 Company of the Year Fletcher Building and Deloitte chair Nick Main what that takes. by Vicki Jayne

Relationships : When work becomes personal – Helping employees cope

A large proportion of New Zealanders face personal difficulties each year which can affect their workplace performance. While the issues may originate out of work time, there are number of things managers can do to help their employees and ensure minimal workplace disruption. by Warrick Harvey

Face to Face : Tim Miles – Head and Heart

There are times in business when buttoned-down rationality rules and others when you have to connect with people ‘from the heart’. How did Tim Miles’ management style become the stuff of ‘legends’ in the United Kingdom? by Kevin Lawrence

Sustainability : Going Green – The bottom line

Starbucks is doing it. So are Shell, Dow, Du Pont, General Motors, News Corp and Virgin. Even New Zealand companies are doing it. Everyone is going green. Why? Although most companies will tell you that they’re driven by their love for our planet, the bottom line is that it makes good business sense. by Adelia Hallet

Technology : Clearing the voice blocks – Is there business case for VoIP?

What are the blocks that deter business from using full voice-over-internet-protocol solutions? And whose advice counts? by Vikki Bland

Human Resources : Managing people – From the HR frontline

Recruitment? Development? Performance? What are the most pressing employment issues facing those in the frontline of people management and what resources can they call on? We ask five HR practitioners to share their experiences.


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Jo Doolan & Aaron Quintal
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Reg Birchfield, Damon Birchfield
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James Lockhart
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Peter Neilson
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