CONTENTS : July 2008 • Volume 55 No 6

Cover Story : HIGH FLYERS – Clear for Take-off
Cooperation on the flight path: One encourages his staff to break rules, the other is open with competitors about how his business operates, yet both RNZAF chief Graham Lintott and Air New Zealand CEO Rob Fyfe have reached the top of their fields with uncannily similar approaches to leadership. They have also made commitment to have their organisations work together for the national interest and want others to do the same. By Ellen Read.

Face to Face: TELECOM’S RUSS HOULDEN – Portable Numbers Person: Daring and Distance
Telecom’s new chief financial officer Russ Houlden thrives on challenges and ‘fix it’ jobs. Tim Watkin talks to him about the road ahead at Telecom.

Case Study: RELEASING FLETCHER ALUMINIUM’S INVISIBLE HANDBRAKE – Workplace Literacy, win-win situation
Productivity is up, health and safety has improved, the staff are happy and the company is achieving its goals. Fletcher Aluminium has struck winning formula and it’s as simple as ABC or even 123. Helen Tatham profiles the company’s workplace literacy programme.

Top 200: BE BOLD BE DIFFERENT – The challenge for business
This Deloitte/Management magazine Top 200 theme encourages firms to challenge their responses to change. Instead of withdrawing and ‘weathering the storm’, successful companies will be those which embrace change and seize the opportunities it presents. Ellen Read talks to Deloitte’s chairman Nick Main and managing partner Murray Jack about change and how to make the most of it.

Investment: CAPITAL INJECTIONS FOR BUSINESS – Six of One, Half Dozen of Another
There’s good news and not so good news for those looking to invest in New Zealand business and for those looking to reap the rewards. Mark Peart looks at the options and the outlook.

Climate Change: EMISSIONS TRADING SCHEME: The Business Response – The Devil In The Details
When it comes to climate change policy, the details are yet to be determined. However, says Beca’s Camilla Needham, what we do know about the likely shape of the Government’s response to climate change should have businesses starting to think about their own responses.

Networking: SAVVY ABOUT SCHMOOZING – How to Network Effectively
The concept of networking has been around long time but senior executives are becoming savvier about schmoozing. Helen Tatham investigates trends in corporate networking.

• IN TOUCH: Focus, Comment On High Performance Modelling and Local Talent Mining; Comment On Australia-New Zealand Leadership Forum
• NZIM: Professional Qualifications
• POLITICS: Can National be National?
• ECONOMICS: Putting Inflation in Perspective
• CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: CEO + Director = Careful Handling
• SUSTAINABILITY: Off the Grid – or Distributed Network?
• CONSULTATION: Seek Help to Deal with Bullies
• TOP TEN TIPS: Partnering – How to Make the ‘Marriage’ Work

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