CONTENTS : November 2007 • Vol 54 No 10

What’s the prognosis for the Health System? Twenty percent of government spending each year goes on the health budget – the largest single outlay. And that doesn’t account for the millions of dollars tied up in private healthcare. Public versus private, funding allocations, waiting lists and priorities are debated every day and we are the beneficiaries. What are the management issues facing the health sector and what do we need to know about the future of our healthcare options? by Rob Hosking

BUSINESS RISK Identity crime
New Zealand businesses lost an estimated $1.4 billion to identity crime and fraud last year and that figure is set to increase. Why is it such problem? by John Roberts

SURVEY How to unlock value? Manage performance Effectively
Only 10 percent of companies practising corporate performance management use the gathered data effectively to increase their bottom line. Ernst & Young’s Wayne Jackson tells Ellen Read why this is and what can be done about it.

CASE STUDY Converting TNS – How to wag the dog
This year’s takeover of local market research company Conversa Global by international player TNS-Global turned the traditional takeover model on its head. Rather than imposing the global model on the local company, TNS put Conversa firmly in the driving seat. James Littlewood rides shotgun.

FACE TO FACE Jan Dawson – On an even keel
Dawson is one high-flying business woman who seems to have work-life balance sussed. Her role as chair of KPMG makes her New Zealand’s top female accountant, but she’s also mother of two and high flyer in the world of yachting. Vicki Jayne follows her career tacks.

LEADERSHIP The truth will out – Why inauthentic leadership doesn’t work
New Zealand workplace leaders have long way to go to gain the wholehearted support of their workforces and be able to call themselves ‘authentic’ leaders. by Ellen Read

LEADERSHIP End of Term – Leaving on high note
Waikato University Management School dean, Mike Pratt is preparing to step down in February from the role he has held for 18 years. How does he rate his tenure? by Ellen Read

EXECUTIVE RECRUITMENT Headhunting – Driftnet or spear fishing?
With the tight labour market showing no signs of abating and the country’s lamented skills shortage in full flight, Helen Prattley asks recruitment companies how best to haul in and hang onto top talent.

PEOPLE MANAGEMENT Myth-busting Gen Y – Generational differences at work
A major study on workplace attitudes in New Zealand dispels the hype about the differences between generations X, Y and Baby Boomers. Ellen Read takes look.

• Editor’s letter
• In Touch
• Managers Abroad
• As I See It
• Thought leaders: Commander to coach
Gerald Tapper
• Politics: Lifting PM game
Colin James
• Economics: Checks on foreign investment
Bob Edlin
• Book Reviews
Reg Birchfield, Ellen Read
Kevin Gaunt
• Corporate Governance: Crisis management
Mark Blackham
• B2B relations: Building loyalty
Dave McMillan, Carolyn Costley, Michèle Akoorie
• Sustainability: health system runs temperature
Peter Neilson
• Consultation: On ambiguity
Kevin Gaunt
• Ten top tips on Franchising
Lance Jensen


COVER STORY : A question of values
What role do personal values play as compass for boardroom behaviour and director decision making? How and when do they get tested? We ask experienced New Zealand directors what values they bring to the table and whether those values outweigh regulation as determinant for ‘doing the right thing’. By Vicki Jayne

ETHICS : Four pillars of governance
How can boards add value and avoid dysfunctional behaviour? Nicki Crauford explores the four pillars of governance and effective director behaviour.

GOVERNANCE : Is the board bored?
Why the sinking feeling when board papers arrive? Jo Brosnahan outlines an agenda wishlist that doesn’t get directors bogged down in detail.

GOVERNANCE : Reputation: global issue
It’s hard to build but easy to lose. Kiwi-born chair of the UK Institute of Directors Neville Bain talks about the importance of corporate reputation and the board’s role in building and protecting it. By Mark Peart

EDITOR’S LETTER The Value of Values
TABLED Risky business for directors
TABLED Simple job for overpaid social workers
TABLED Keeping control: board’s role in M&A
BOOK REVIEW Globalisation and the Wealth of Nations

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