Contents : September 2008 • Vol 55 No 8

Cover Story : Pucker Up Baby, It’s Election Time! – Managing Democracy
Colin James looks at the process of managing the country’s general election: the transition of campaigning from community hall meetings to YouTube, to how the parties build their brands, and the varied stakeholders they have to appease.

Fact to Face : Tony Nowell’s Food for Thought
Tony Nowell’s distinguished career in New Zealand business spans 35 years and number of sectors, including his just-ended tenure as CEO of kiwifruit marketer Zespri International. Now, as he prepares to make the next move, he speaks with Reg Birchfield.

Case Study : Winning the Innovation Game – Lessons in Support
There’s no shortage of good ideas in many organisations but it takes time to get innovations off the page and into the marketplace. The world’s first dishwasher in drawer, for example, took around nine years, and many prototypes, to perfect. Now, Fisher & Paykel Appliances has found way to innovate faster. Katherine Edmonds looks at how one company manages the process.

Sustainability : Greenwashing – Challenge for Business to Manage Green Claims
As more and more companies jump on the green bandwagon, regulators are increasing their scrutiny of the credentials.
by Bryan Gundersen and Greg Shaw

People Management : Women in Transition – Returning to Work After Maternity Leave
New Zealand research by business coaching consultancy Altris shows childcare and work-life balance are the biggest concerns for women returning to the workforce after maternity leave. Ellen Read talks to four women as they share their stories and offer advice.

Banking : Working the Numbers – Who will Pass the Test?
That’s the $64,000 question as our major banks attempt to confront the ongoing effects of contracting global economy and the bite of an international credit crunch. by Mark Peart

Strategy : Demand Action to Increase Growth – People Have to Want It
As New Zealand faces more and more economic challenges and struggles, Fletcher Building’s Jonathan Ling and Deloitte’s Nick Main tell Ellen Read what they think needs to be done to improve things.

Commercial Property : Changing Spaces – The Devil’s in the Detail
Premium office space occupancy rates remain high in our main centres, despite the economic downturn. But the changing conditions are bringing new challenges for landlords and tenants when it comes to negotiating terms. by Ellen Read

IN TOUCH: Focus, Comment On Management that Profits Not-for-profit
NZIM: Mentoring – Reg Birchfield
• Thought Leader: Leading in an economic downturn – Gill Hopkins
• Politics: The Many Public Faces of Efficiency – Colin James
• Economics: Sorting the Accounts – Bob Edlin
• Book Reviews – Reg Birchfield, Ellen Read
• Corporate Governance: Dividends – to distribute or not distribute… – Bruce Sheppard
• Sustainability: Being Fashionably Fashionable – Rachel Brown
• Consultation: Teams Behaving Badly – Kevin Gaunt
• Employment Law: “When I get older, losing my hair, many years from now… – Greg Cain and Nick Belton
• Ten Top Tips: Bringing Creativity Into Your Workplace – David Kayrouz

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