STAFFING DECISIONS Where there are peaks, there are valleys

The people decision is big gamble – by basing it on what person can do, it at least becomes rational gamble. Effective executives make strength productive. They fill positions and promote based upon what person can do – not to minimise weakness but to maximise strength. Strong people always have strong weaknesses. Where there are peaks there are valleys. There is no such thing as “good person”; “good for what?” is the question. Look for excellence in one major area, and not for performance that gets by all around. Human excellence can only be achieved in one area, or at the most, in very few. Always start out with what person should be able to do well and then demand that he or she really do it.
There is one area where weakness in itself is of importance and relevance. By themselves character and integrity do not accomplish anything. But their absence faults everything else. Here is the one area where weakness is an absolute disqualification.

Action point: When making people decisions, make sure you know the assignment. Then choose candidate who has proven strengths in skill areas required by the new assignment.

The Effective Executive

Extracted from Peter Drucker’s book The Daily Drucker.

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