THE DAILY DRUCKER : The Function of Management Is to Produce Results

Above all management is responsible for producing results.

Management has to give direction to the institution it manages. It has to think through the institution’s mission, has to set its objectives, and has to organise resources for the results the institution has to contribute. Management is, indeed, JB Say’s “entrepreneur” and responsible for directing vision and resources toward greatest results and contributions.
In performing these essential functions, management everywhere faces the same problems. It has to organise work for productivity; it has to lead the worker toward productivity and achievement. It is responsible for the social impact of its enterprise. Above all, it is responsible for producing the results – whether economic performance, student learning, or patient care – for the sake of which each institution exists.

Action point: Is your organisation delivering the results it should? If not, articulate your mission.

Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices

Extracted from Peter Drucker’s book The Daily Drucker.

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