Deloitte questions talent strategies

The second annual Talent Edge New Zealand survey shows New Zealand businesses might be too confident in their ability to attract and retain the talent they need to maintain competitiveness. 

Conducted late last year, the survey drew just under 300 responses from individuals in management roles across broad range of economic sectors and company sizes.

The skills shortage continues to be the biggest single talent challenge with nearly 40 percent of businesses reporting this problem.

Deloitte’s Richard Kleinert, who leads the human capital practice for the firm in New Zealand and for the Asia-Pacific region, says there appears to be large disconnect between employer expectations of future turnover and employee considerations about job movement.

Only nine percent of employers anticipated significant (greater than 20 percent) voluntary turnover in the next two to three years, he says, yet just under third (32 percent) of survey respondents are somewhat or highly likely to leave their current organisation in the next 12 months.

Concern over skills was highest in the:
• IT industry (55 percent reported it as their top challenge)
• Financial services (39 percent)
• Professional services (35 percent) 
• The public sector (33 percent), and 
• Manufacturing (31 percent). 

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