Deloitte/Management magazine Company of the Year: Mainfreight


That’s according to the judges of this year’s Deloitte/Management magazine Company of the Year Award.

“It is world-beater that New Zealand enterprises should seek to emulate,” they say.

“What Mainfreight has accomplished by turning itself into global New Zealand enterprise is exceptional.

“That it has accomplished its strategic objectives in the prevailing wilted world economy is testament to the leadership and commercial skills of it directors, managers and employees.”

Mainfreight is global supply chain logistics company. It operates 166 branches in Australia, through Asia, the United States and Europe.

It balances its non-negotiable in-house disciplines against an understanding of the benefits of incorporating aspects of the local business cultures of other countries.

Mainfreight is committed to maintaining and exporting its corporate culture, people ethos and service standards.

In its 32-year history, the company has never had to inflict large-scale redundancies.

Mainfreight champions its people, runs fair and rational remuneration policy, and cares about education for its employees and the community at large.

It also cares for the health and safety of its people.

But it also stretches. The company lists annual targets and anticipated achievements for shareholders and employees alike.

Finalists: • Kathmandu  • Port of Tauranga


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