Ed Johnson – senior country rep and chief financial officer, Shell NZ & Shell Services Intl

Ed Johnson has worked for Shell for 20 years and his greatest period of sustained travel came when his family was young. Between 1988 and 1995 he and his wife Dianne and their two sons were stationed in London. He spent at least half his time out of the country covering territory that stretched from South Africa across to Central America. His wife was, in effect, sole parent. “The trade-off was very extensive leave, seven weeks year, which we took in two substantive blocks.” The obvious down side was losing contact with family life. Ed knew he was missing time of great change as the boys were growing up. If it was two week trip, he insisted he was only away one weekend. He made very regular calls home, which helped; although there were significant logistical problems trying to get the time zones right. “And I tried to create bit of trip book to share my adventures.” The boys travelled with him twice during those seven years; his wife just once, overseas, “and after four days she said ?never again’.”
He still continues to travel regularly although it may only be for one or two nights at time. Graeme, 19, is at Massey University and Kevin, 17, is at home. He and his wife make every effort to be there and support school concerts, sports matches and important events. He still goes up for rugby matches.

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