10 signs your job might be in danger

From time to time, few variables come together that mean your job is in jeopardy. Sometimes you don’t have lot of control over their existence, but you can control what to do about them.

1. You’ve applied for job higher up and been turned down.
2. Your company has recently merged or been acquired.
3. You come from divisions that aren’t fast promotion ones (where previous top executives come from).
4. You’re bored. The job just doesn’t feel fun.
6. Your last evaluation was lukewarm.
7. You’re having conflicts with people who are important to political survival in your company.
8. Your organisation is changing its culture or type of business.
9. You have an intuitive sense you’re being left out of things.
10. You don’t have as much rapport with people who control your career.
What to do? If you recognise these signs, you need to make an effort to get along better, but at the same time, probably discreetly look for your next opportunity.

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