EDITOR’S LETTER : Doing it better

It’s easy to make plans when the year ahead offers many changes. But what do you do when the horoscope says it’s likely to be case of ‘more of the same’? How do you plan for expansion, innovation and evolution then?
The situation many New Zealand organisations will find themselves in this year will be familiar one – tight labour market, slowing economic conditions and increasing competition. Against this backdrop, the challenge is how to find new ways of doing things – be it technology, design, marketing… or the myriad of other disciplines which make up businesses. While everyone will ultimately have to define and decide their own path towards this, if we are all on the same journey at least then we have greater chance of reaching critical mass.
We will be able to become more than the sum of our parts if we all take responsibility for doing the best we can in our individual areas. Don’t worry about what other people should be doing, focus instead on how you can make what you’re doing better… more efficient… more valuable. That is the only way New Zealand will become more globally competitive and the only way we can raise the population’s living standards. And who is going to argue with either of those as our goals?

Linda Lang has joined the Management and The Director team as advertising account manager. Originally from the United States, Linda will bring new ideas and enthusiasm to the publications. (See editorial details for her contact information.)

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