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The fortnightly newsletter for thought leaders 20th July 2012

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The New Zealand Initiative unfurls new report on what national strategy on the environment could look like, highlighting three main approaches that it thinks could work. The same group also identifies the four main roadblocks that it reckons are holding us back. Read more »

Paper outlines national environmental strategy

New Zealand could develop national environmental strategy along three key lines, according to new report published this week by the New Zealand Initiative.

In “Navigating an uncertain future: Environmental foundations for long-term success” authors Rick Boven, Catherine Harland and Lillian Grace suggest New Zealand consider adopting “no-regrets” and “mini-max” strategies, and developing NZ’s capability. Read more »

What’s stopping NZ reducing environmental damage?

New Zealand faces four main obstacles to reducing environmental damage. And these roadblocks are combining to delay and weaken action, according to new report “Navigating an uncertain future: Environmental foundations for long-term success”. Read more »

Green & growth must go together

If even the heaviest emitters of British industry can recognise the benefits of green growth, why can’t New Zealand? That’s the question from the business leaders joined together under the Pure Advantage banner which has hailed The Colour of Growth – new report released by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) – as further evidence that green and growth must go together. Read more »

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