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The fortnightly newsletter for thought leaders 8th June 2012

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Bridget Liddell challenges business leaders to think more about cognitive diversity. Geoff Ross cites General George S Patton and tells us to just do it. And Tony Falkenstein laments the loss of new thinking. Read more »

Liddell calls for different thinking

Bridget Liddell has called for greater recognition of cognitive diversity within New Zealand work groups.

Liddell is general partner of the New York-based Fahrenheit Wellness Fund and sits on the NZTE North America Beachhead Advisory Board.   Read more »

Geoff Ross raises battle cry

Business leaders need to get the fundamentals – such as culture and competitive advantage – right and then “just go for it”.

This was the message from Geoff Ross who was speaking at the recent World Class New Zealand Inspire Auckland event.  

Read more »

Falkenstein laments loss of new thinking

Tony Falkenstein says business leaders could benefit from the fresh, unstructured thinking that is often inherent in unschooled young minds.

Addressing business audience at the World Class New Zealand Inspire Auckland event, Falkenstein said we can transform the country through adopting different ways of thinking. Read more »

NZ slips further down IMD competitiveness rankings

Bad news from the just-released IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook which shows New Zealand’s global compe

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