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The fortnightly newsletter for thought leaders 9th December 2011

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New Zealand’s international competitiveness comes under scrutiny as The Competitiveness Institute hits Auckland for its annual week-long global conference.
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Michael Enright unveils new benchmarking project

A leading authority on competitive advantage says New Zealand should think carefully about which other countries it benchmarks against.
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Skilling cites skills of small economies

Small countries, regional groupings and cities will drive the global economy forward in the future.
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Proudfoot calls for ag-sector long-term vision

KPMG head of agribusiness Ian Proudfoot has called for New Zealand to develop clear long-term vision for its agricultural sector.
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Forget value-add: NZ must create value

New Zealand should shift its focus from value-add to value creation, according to Dr Bob Breault, longstanding member of The Competitiveness Institute, global non-profit network based in Barcelona.
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Richards challenges GDP as measure of NZ’s success

Leading brand strategist Brian Richards has called for New Zealand to place more emphasis on measuring people’s economic wellbeing rather than simply charting the country’s economic production.
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Overseas Kiwis will splash the cash back home

Kea New Zealand continues to pump out research showing overseas Kiwis are keen to invest back home.
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