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The fortnightly newsletter for thought leaders 9th September 2011

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We start and end with this week’s big story, the countdown to RWC… look at its likely economic impact once again reinforces that economists can’t agree about anything… in our Last Word Martin Snedden muses on what it will take to make the event success – and its got diddly squat to do with rugby.
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Mixed views on RWC economic impact

Picking the winner of the Rugby World Cup may be easier than working out the economic gains – or losses. Gauging how much GDP growth results from the tournament, rather than from – let’s say – the Christchurch rebuild will be tricky too, says Bob Edlin, Executive Update’s economic correspondent.
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Hopes pinned on RWC spending to improve recent soft retail trading

The latest figures released yesterday from Paymark suggest that the spending boost expected to accompany the RWC will come as welcome relief to retailers, with soft, choppy trading conditions across most sectors defining the last couple of months.
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Dark days across the ditch

The grass is no longer looking so green across the Tasman where business confidence has hit new low and Australian executives face continuing weak job market for the remainder of 2011.
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Retail revival for smart shops

While traditional retail is facing serious and sometimes deserved challenges, most people do, and will continue to, enjoy going shopping in the real world. In fact, rather than witnessing retail ruin, retail renaissance is in the making contends global consumer trends spotting firm.
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The career-for-life is vanishing

More than half of all New Zealand employees are saying they expect to switch careers within the next five years, according to survey by global workforce solutions company, Kelly Services.
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