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The fortnightly newsletter for thought leaders 15th April 2011

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Business confidence has made surprising bounce back in the BNZ’s latest survey… 20-year study has found organisations that promote CEOs from within outperform those that recruit outsiders… four innovative ways companies can use their sales force to drive growth… and managers aren’t always that good at managing their own personal investments.
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Light at end of economic tunnel

A critical week or so in timing makes all the difference, maybe. Business confidence slumped as expected after the second Christchurch earthquake, according to recently released surveys – but it has bounced back (surprisingly) according to the most recent survey, as Executive Update’s economic correspondent Bob Edlin reports.
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CEOs best recruited from “inside”, study finds

Companies can spend fortune recruiting hot shot chief executives from outside, but new research suggests they could be wasting their money. 20-year study in the United States has found that corporations that promote chief executives from within their own ranks routinely outperform those that recruit from outside.
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Good managers aren’t always smart investors

Despite the fact that they often manage big budgets on behalf of their companies, New Zealand managers aren’t always that good at managing their own personal investments – an extreme example of which has been this week’s embarrassing revelations that two former high-profile finance executives fell for “looney” Ponzi scheme.
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Using your sales force to jump-start growth

Constantly changing marketplaces mean companies need to be looking at smarter ways of using their sales force to stimulate growth. Over the past year, McKinsey & Co has interviewed around 100 sales executives worldwide, across range of industries, to identify the critical elements that distinguish true sales leaders. It uncovered four innovative ways companies can use their sales reps to drive growth.
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Nine things successful people do differently

Decades of research on achievement suggest that successful people reach their goals not simply because of who they are, but more often because of what they do. Check out these tips on turning goals into reality from the most-read article on Harvard Bu

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