How kinetic are you?

The Kinetic Challenge is designed by workplace strategist Andrew Mawson and team at Advanced Workplace Associates and is based on his latest research paper, The Kinetic Organisation.

Mawson says his research shows the successful ‘kinetic’ organisation of the future will be “modular, flexible and able to react like lightning to market and economic developments”.

Regus says independent research shows that flexible working produces and enables real increases in productivity and greater revenue generation.

“Business managers across the globe report that staff are more energized and motivated thanks to flexible working. This results in additional benefits, with energized, motivated staff less likely to leave their company. Flexible working is being successfully used as an important talent retention tool.

“With more than half of firms internationally looking to hire more freelancers in the coming year, there is growing requirement to provide flexible working environment that accommodates increasingly mixed (full-time, part-time and freelance) workforces.”

The test also offers practical advice on how to improve workplace flexibility.

The study, on which Regus’ Kinetic Challenge is based, used qualitative discussion sessions with business leaders in Chicago, New York, London, Singapore and Hong Kong, followed by an online global validation survey.

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