Ryan Bohm is general manager of Domino’s Pizza New Zealand

How would you describe the New Zealand identity?
New Zealanders are seriously lucky to be living in one of the best environments in the world. The fact that you can leave work and be surfing, fishing, sailing, hiking or snowboarding in just few hours cannot be found in many places in the world.
It’s the incredible lifestyle opportunities that New Zealanders have on their doorstep that moulds our character, I believe.
Work is important certainly, but successful New Zealander is someone who is very much at home “out of the office” as well. We are not daunted by challenge. We don’t wait for someone else to make the rules. We are great team players. And we love challenge.
That combination is unique and is why New Zealanders are adept in so many different fields.
Despite what some say about Generation Y being spoilt and demanding, Domino’s Pizza’s whole business is made up of predominantly Gen Y and the enthusiasm and fun that our team have is pretty special.

What will be our next major challenge?
Staying positive and confident during the bumpy recession ride we’re on.

What do we need to do to prepare ourselves for this?
The media could play big role in staying positive. Instead of continually focusing on the negative, few more ‘good news’ stories would be helpful. There are lot of New Zealand businesses still doing really well – why not celebrate that?
In both our personal and business lives we need to look for the positives in every day and keep on doing our best. Oh… and eat more pizza!

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