As I See It : Scott Bradley

You’ve held number of executive positions within the digital and communications corporate sector and been an entrepreneur too. Which do you prefer?
I worked in consultancy roles within global professional services organisations, which was challenge, but it wasn’t until I co-founded Utilyx, digital start-up in the UK, that I really found my passion, which is being an entrepreneur. I love being involved in start-ups.

Tell me about the launch phase of VoucherMob.
There are million balls in the air – trying to juggle emerging technologies like the iPhone and Android operating systems, marketing new service using complex social media strategy, developing strong consumer brand in cluttered market, signing up retailers, wooing investors, engaging the media and all while you’re putting in place the foundations of rapid growth organisation. Luckily I have an incredibly supportive family!

What is your biggest challenge?
It is liquidity. As with my first start-up, suppliers won’t sign up without customers, customers won’t sign up without enough suppliers. The same challenge exists with VoucherMob – finding the right liquidity equilibrium without overspending and running out of capital before the business is cash-flow positive.

Where do you see the future of communications?
My first introduction to the internet was 1996 working on the Microsoft account at large ad agency. I was the only person in the agency to have dial-up connection to the internet because I worked on Microsoft. I then understood the massive potential of the internet. Mobile smartphone devices are about to change the game again. I think the personal smartphone changes the way consumers will interact with their friends, colleagues, brands and organisations.

What does New Zealand need to make it great?
Most of the very successful business people in New Zealand today have had extensive international exposure. Living and working in overseas markets allows you to identify opportunities and gives people the skills they need to be successful entrepreneur – to understand failure is as important as success, realise you need strong network around you to help you succeed and being ‘winner’ is okay. New Zealand has some amazingly talented people, but not all of them realise their potential.

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