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Business decision makers are more likely to think that MMP has performed better than the first past the post (FPP) electoral system it replaced.
43% of decision makers think it is better compared with 38% of New Zealanders overall. 29% of both business decision makers and respondents overall think MMP has been worse than FFP. New Zealand votes on the future of the electoral system at referendum being held in conjunction with next year’s general election.

Overall, do you think MMP has been better or worse than the First Past the Post system it replaced?

All New Zealand
Much better15%
About the same15%
Much worse8%
I really don’t know17%

Business decision makers
Much better19%
About the same12%
Much worse9%
I really don’t know14%

Source: ShapeNZ nationwide survey July 19- August 20, 2010. 2,270 respondents including 636 business decision makers (managers, proprietors, self employed, professionals). Weighted to represent the national population. Maximum margin of error on the national sample +/- 2.2%. Shape NZ is operated by the NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development.,

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