Inbox: Gone fishing

Business decision makers are more likely to go boating and fishing than New Zealand adults as whole. Horizon Research survey of the sports and activities that Kiwis regularly watch and take part in shows that rugby is the most watched sport with 66.8 percent of adults saying they either turn up, or tune in, to games.
Among business decision makers this falls to 60.1 percent. Rugby, however, is still the sport that business decision makers most watch.
Among all adults, rugby league ranks second as most watched sport, with 47.2 percent. However, the number of decision makers watching this sport also falls below the national figure, at 38 percent.
Decision makers, however, are more likely to take part in fishing and boating than the national adult population. Fishing is the top-rated sport for participation nationally with 23.5 percent. This rises to 26.9 percent among decision makers.


A. Participate8.5%
B. Watch9.7
C. Neither83.5%

A. Participate14.1%
B. Watch7.8%
C. Neither79%


A. Participate23.5%
B. Watch21.6%
C. Neither62.9%

A. Participate26.9%
B. Watch11.5%
C. Neither69%

Source: Horizon Research September, 2011. 1645 respondents including 301 business decision makers (business managers, executives, proprietors, self-employed, professionals and senior government officials). Maximum margin of error +/- 2.4%. On the web:

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