Inbox: Learning from quakes

A year and month on from the lethal earthquake which devastated much of the Christchurch CBD, Christchurch organisations will share their learning experiences in the wake of the quakes at TelstraClear Seismics and the City.
Held on March 22 this year, the event will focus on the lessons public and private sector organisations have learnt about business continuity planning and recovery.
The city’s seismic experience has prompted many organisations in New Zealand to consider how to strengthen their capacity to recover from serious disruption which could bring about the loss of critical people, assets, data or systems and to respond with agility. The ability to prevent or quickly recover from disaster is critical success factor for organisations.
Concepts of agility and resilience have evolved over the past four decades, with need accelerating in the wake of recent economic and technological changes. Agility began as “lean manufacturing” and has gained further validation through work on organisations as complex adaptive mechanisms. Resilience has been developing in the domains of enterprise risk management, business continuity management and disaster recovery.
Such ideas are naturally aligned with agility and require new ways of thinking and business reorganisation to meet the demands of the current risk environment and the pace of change.
Seismics and the City organiser SmartNet says the event will pick up on the responsibilities of boards and senior management teams to prepare for the worst while planning for the best.
Seismics and the City sponsors and supporters include TelstraClear, IBM, University of Canterbury, NZIM and Mainland Press.
Confirmed speakers include Roger Sutton, CERA CEO and formerly CEO of Orion, and Dr Colin Harrison, IBM’s US-based technical pioneer in smarter cities.
Other business and thought leaders contributing are Peter Townsend, CECC; Dr Rod Carr, University of Canterbury; Mary Devine, Ballantynes; Dr Allan Freeth, TelstraClear; Joseph Thomas, NZIM; and John Vale, Vynco. Psychologist Fran Vertue will develop the concept of post-traumatic growth with opportunities arising out of crisis. M

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