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Direct marketing means businesses can target very closely the audiences they want to talk to – and initiatives are getting smarter all the time.
Now the Foodstuffs nationwide co-operative has refreshed its direct marketing tool, New World Direct, so suppliers and their advertising agencies can plan marketing campaigns via post or email with new online marketing tool – the New World Direct interactive online campaign planner.
Fiona Stewart, marketing manager for Foodstuffs Wellington, says: “Our interactive portal helps users understand the service, play with data numbers and even plan campaign using the timeline, budget and briefing tools.
“To drive the campaigns we use data from Fly Buys, which has reach into more than 70 percent of the nation’s households through its customer base.”
Fly Buys purchases account for more than 70 percent of New World’s total sales value across total of more than 130 million customer transactions year at supermarkets nationwide.
More than 1.3 million New Zealanders actively use their Fly Buys cards and Foodstuffs has discovered Fly Buys members spend nearly 50 percent more per week at New World than non-Fly Buys shoppers.
New World Direct campaigns have already achieved 10 percent average consumer response rate compared to the three percent average industry standard, says Stewart.

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