Inbox: Ranking banking

Some 86.6 percent of business decision makers rate the service being provided by their banks as good, very good or excellent. They are less likely to give their banks an excellent rating (32.4 percent) than the adult population overall (36.7 percent). Their “poor” rating is almost the same as that of the overall population (1.6 percent, compared with 1.5 percent). Banks scoring the highest “excellent” ratings were TSB, ASB and Kiwibank.
Thinking about all the dealings you have with the bank, how would you describe the service you receive from the bank you deal with most?

A. Excellent 36.7%
B. Very good 34.7%
C. Good 15.2%
D. Adequate 11%
E. Poor 1.5%
F. Don’t know 0.9%

A. Excellent 32.4%
B. Very good 36%
C. Good 18.2%
D. Adequate 11.8%
E. Poor 1.6%
F. Don’t know 0%

Source: Horizon Research September, 2011. 1645 respondents including 301 business decision makers (business managers, executives, proprietors, self-employed, professionals and senior government officials). Maximum margin of error +/- 2.4%. On the web:

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